Friday, 28 April 2017

Skip Hop: The Harmony of Modern Design and Real Functionality

Skip Hop

In 2003, new parents realized that their diaper bag options were limited. Surrounded by pink and blue baby bags, Ellen made a bag that was fashionable and super functional, particularly for the on the go city life they led. The Duo Diaper Bag came into existence and they’ve never looked back.
Neither comes from the baby industry. Ellen’s passion for product innovation
and her background as an art director in publishing and luxury goods marketing & branding provides that special Skip Hop Australia vision. Having spent 15 years as a tech entrepreneur, Michael’s drive to break new ground opens new opportunities steadily. It’s the secret recipe that defines Skip Hop Australia the Harmony of modern design and real functionality.

Skip Hop Diaper bags and Backpacks: A Real Blessing

If you move around a lot with your baby, which I bet you do because there are a lot of things mums have to take care of along with their baby’s responsibilities. Well…! If you do then you are well aware of the trouble of keeping all the baby stuff with you all the time. Skip Hop Diapers bags and backpacks are a real blessing because they allow you to keep all the baby stuff you need in an organized and fashioned way. Skip Hop diaper bags and backpacks are deliberately designed to provide you enough room for all your baby products you need on the go in a very compact and condensed package, which normal handbags and pack packs fail to provide.
At Mybabystore we have a variety of adorable and elegant Diaper bags and Backpacks from Skip Hop. Place your order now and organize your life with Skip Hop Diaper bags and Backpacks.
Skip Hop

Cool baby with Skip Hop

Every mom wants to use as colorful and as lively baby products as his little bub’s glowing cheeks. Skip Hop online provides their customers with the products that match the adorability level of their little babies and you can make your baby look even cooler. Skip Hop online products are not just reliable and viable but they are adorable and lively as well. People behind this brand are parents themselves and they know the importance of adorability and captivation baby products.
Skip Hop

Best bang for your buck only with Skip Hop

If you are having a baby and you are in the market for baby shopping in Australia then you must have heard of Skip Hop millions of times already. The reason is that Skip Hop is one of Australia's most trusted baby brands. Skip Hop is known because of their quality, reliable and adorable products. People love Skip Hop and they trust them because Skip Hop care about their customers, they manage that by providing them products that they need to raise their infant easily and healthily. One of the other reasons why people love Skip Hop is because from the very first day Skip Hop is striving to provide their customers the best bang for their buck.

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